FOOD for those who are Hungry

HYGIENE for those who are Homeless

RECOVERY for those who are Addicted


9am – 1pm 

***Volunteer(s) needed to cook for the ICS Hygiene Center on Wednesdays! Email for more information!***

A Note from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart I share the news of the passing of our beloved colleague and dear friend, Dave Saluskin, who passed away Tuesday, July 2, after a sudden illness. Dave was a cherished member of our community for over 25 years, caring for our neighbors experiencing homelessness in the ICS Hygiene Center. He made sure everyone had the dignity of a shower and clean clothes, making a lasting impact on all who knew him.

Dave originally came to ICS as a guest in our Hygiene Center. After growing up on the reservation in Yakima, he lived on the streets for many years before making his way to Immanuel where he found a home and a purpose.

He started helping out around the Hygiene Center, clean each day after it closed. Later, he assisted around the whole building – always ready to change a lightbulb or fix a door – and eventually started living in the building as its caretaker. In 2007, he moved into an apartment across the alley, his first apartment and independent home.

Dave’s unwavering compassion for members of our Hygiene Center and Recovery Shelter communities exemplified the best of who we are as an organization.

During this difficult time, our thoughts are with his friends and “family” in the ICS Hygiene Center, ICS Recovery Shelter and the entire Immanuel Community Services community.

In honoring Dave’s memory, we will be arranging a memorial service to celebrate his life; details to follow soon. In the meantime, we will continue his legacy of kindness and services.

Dave, you will be deeply missed, but your spirit of compassion will live on at ICS forever.

Shawna McMahon, Executive Director

Volunteer Help Needed!

  • FOOD BANK & GROCERY RESCUE – We need your help with our Food Bank on Mondays and our drivers for Grocery Rescue during the weekend.
  • HYGIENE CENTER VOLUNTEERS – Prepare and serve meals to guests in our Hygiene Center. Tues-Fri, 10A M-1:30 PM
  • VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR – Looking for someone to schedule and support volunteers in the SLU Food Bank, Grocery Rescue, Home Deliveries and Meal Program.  1-3 hours/week. (CURRENTLY FILLED)
  • COMMUNITY LUNCH – Looking for volunteers for the last Saturday & Sunday of the month to help prep food and serve.


Groups must be planned one month in advance.

Email for more information.

What If we walked a mile in their shoes,
Assumed a little less,
Tried to feel what they feel?
What if we opened our hearts a little more
And asked ourselves, what if, what if this was me?
‘Cause they are just like you and me,
Trying to find a way to be in this world
And live in peace.
Is that a crime?”

Music & Lyrics by Naomi Wachira


ICS strives to create a Community of Hope and save lives by making sure people have the basics that every human being needs: a warm welcome, nutritious food, a place to take a shower & use a restroom…and a place to sleep.

Our programs are made possible by the generous support from our partners...

Our mission is to alleviate the effects of poverty, hunger, homelessness and addiction by providing community-based social services to those in need.