About ICS

Our mission is to alleviate the effects of poverty, hunger, homelessness and addiction by providing community-based social services to those in need.


Immanuel Community Services (ICS) is the longest social service agency in South Lake Union, serving individuals experiencing hunger & homelessness in the greater Seattle area. Through our four programs -   SLU Food Bank at ICS, ICS Hygiene Center, a residential ICS Recovery Shelter and Community Lunch & meal program - we care for those struggling to survive for over 40 years.

ICS partners with service providers, faith communities and community members as we work to nurture community and serve the most vulnerable in the community.

ICS strives to build relationships and be a place where people can become connected and involved, working together, side-by-side, to maintain dignity, rekindle hope and create a community of belonging.


Non-Profit of the Year - SLU Chamber, 2020

2023 Neighbor Day Recognition - City of Seattle


Board of Directors


Curt Archambault, President/Treasurer
Elizabeth Reilly, Vice President
Anders Thomas, Secretary

Members at Large

Hakme Lee
Renee Notkin
Jay Pershing
Josh Post
MJ Kiser, ILC Liasion
Pastor Priscilla Paris-Austin, Ex-Officio




Shawna McMahon - Executive Director
Kylee Hodil - Program Coordinator
Alyssa McGillivary - Food Services Coordinator
Natalie Dewey-Smith - Development & Communications Manager
Dave Saluskin - Hygiene Center Coordinator
Janet Watness - Community Lunch Coordinator
Terrence Lewis - Recovery Shelter Coordinator
Michael Dart - Bookkeeper

Our programs are made possible by the generous support from our partners...