Don is our Meals Program Assistant serving with us through AmeriCorps. He cooks and serves delicious breakfasts and lunches for our Hygiene Center guests each day with care and compassion and when he’s not doing that, he’s helping in the Food Bank! Don lives in the neighborhood and at times has used ICS programs in order to survive.

What a wonderful chance to start again. AmeriCorps has opened my eyes to new adventures. I’ve always been cooking for people; homeless people, community people, people I see and live around every day. I am so grateful for this opportunity to not only get a job near where I live but that they have given me the opportunity to give back to an organization and community which has helped me personally. While at one point I relied on Immanuel Community Services for Assistance, I now, on a day-to-day basis, have been able to do exactly what they’ve done for me, for others in my community, some of which I’ve known for years. I’m 73 years old. At ICS, age doesn’t matter, race doesn’t seem to matter. It’s a help one, help all kind of job. With all, not just me. Thank you!